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This years program focusses mainly on the conflict between wild and mainstream. Surfing's heritage is anarchistic and brought up a drop out mentality, as featured in Biarritz Surf Gang and impersonated by Copenhagen based psychedelic band Halasan Bazar. Is this spirit still alive?

Yes, answers the south african art project Deep Blue. Maybe, if you follow the life paths of three women featured in Blue Road. Or did we overcome these categories, as Chris Burkard's adventure film Under the Arctic Sky or Cyrus Sutton's political docu Island Earth indicate? Join us and find out.



During five nights from August 8 to 12 we screen ten feature films and twelve short films, including many german and european premieres presented by the directors.



The festival features surprise acoustic gigs at every venue and two main concerts: Jules Ahoi & the Deepsea Orchestra on friday and Halasan Bazar on saturday 



The festival seeks to gap the bridge between surf related and urban art. 

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