Everyday, in a dim lit bunker deep down beneath the streets of Copenhagen, sit Halasan Bazar; a ramshackle lo-fi psych pop outfit with a hookup for 60´s harmonies, Tin Pan Alley pop riffs and existentialist lyrics, recording an endless stream of quirky psych-pop songs.


A naive, anything-goes spark of lo-fi, hook-based dreamy psychedelia.

The band is based around songwriter Fredrik Eckhoff´s singular vision to combine the resigned sadness and blue eyed wondering of the great folk-rock songwriters such as Gene Clark, John Phillips and Arthur Lee, with a naive, anything-goes spark of lo-fi, hook-based dreamy psychedelia. Fascinated with madness and failure, the band may be doomed from the get-go. But in failure and madness lies great beauty. And this band´s quest is to aim for the intensity of manic creative flow and frustration, and on-the-edge esthetics of the true tragedies and casualties of pop.







The Concert is embedded in the Surf Film Festival Berlin.

By buying a saturday ticket you have access to the whole festival from 6pm to 3am including the after show party in the bar.

Halasan Bazar starts at 1O3Opm in Gallery 1.

By paying via paypal you'll be on the list.

Please print your PayPal Confirmation.

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