For more than 10 years, the 27-year-old artist, born in Germany, has been directing his life after the tide of the ocean. He earns his livelihood in the summer as a surf instructor, in the winter as a musician. Accordingly, the musical genre of Jules Ahoi and the Deepsea Orchestra is Saltwater Folk.

Jules' music clearly tastes of salt on the skin and sun in the soul.

In 2016 He parked his old VW bus in the front yard of a friend in Hossegor, broke up his studies and concentrated on music from now on. The French winter, with its beautiful waves and empty beaches, gave him enough inspiration for more than 30 songs of his life as a dropout. Jules' life clearly tastes of salt on the skin and sun in the soul.







The Concert is embedded in the Surf Film Festival Berlin.

By buying a saturday ticket you have access to the whole festival from 6pm to 3am including the after show party in the bar.

JULES AHOI AND THE DEEPSEA ORCHESTRA starts at 1O3Opm in Gallery 1. By paying via paypal you'll be on the list.

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