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630 PM

Now we are entering the heart of the festival: The location ZWEIDREI RAUM in Kreuzberg allows us to host an intense, overlapping mix of film screenings, concerts, DJs, and readings, in- and outdoor.


William Finnegan will read from his Pulitzer-Prize winning book on Friday, August 3.


Barbarian Days is William Finnegan’s memoir of an obsession, a complex enchantment. Surfing only looks like a sport. To initiates, it is something else entirely: a beautiful addiction, a demanding course of study, a morally dangerous pastime, a way of life. Raised in California and Hawaii, Finnegan started surfing as a child.


He has chased waves all over the world, wandering for years through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa. An excessively adventurous young man, he went on to become a distinguished writer and war reporter..




Join our discussion about a possible Wavepool project for Berlin. The guys from SURF ERA will present their plans for a Wavegarden and be happy to answer your questions. 



USA, 2017. Regie: Ira Opper. 60 Min


In the early eighties, while sailing off remote Lombok Island in Indonesia, young California surfer Bill Heick and his friends stumbled across the perfect wave…a pristine barreling left reeling endlessly and empty over a shallow, live-coral reef. As treacherous as it was beautiful, it was later dubbed “Desert Point” for its dry forbidding nature. In the years that followed, a pioneer crew of hardcore surfers set up a makeshift beach outpost and kept their treasure off the surf-media map for almost a decade.

Their mission: to surf uncrowded Desert Point at the highest level possible…no matter the cost. But Paradise, they quickly found, came at a price. Camping rough on the beach for months at a time was far from an idyllic vacation and came with its own set of annoyances, malaise and outright danger. Life on the remote point was a constant balancing act between the surfing dream and the very real possibility of injury, armed robbery and life-threatening disease. But the siren’s call of the Perfect Wave held strong and has kept the pioneers, and the thousands who have followed, returning to “Deserts” for decades.

Winner Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival 2017



RU, 2018. Regie: Konstantin Kokorev. 80 Min



Unexpectedly good waves in the Baltic Sea, the powerful ocean brakes of Kamchatka, the sea waves of the Black Sea coast, surfing in the Arctic Ocean - this is the first film that showcases the variety and amazing beauty of surfing in Russia. But PRIBOY is more than just a surf film.

Thanks to the brilliant script and fantastic quality of the production, we learn about life in this fascinating and complex society. And we cross the vast country from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and from the Arctic Ocean to the Caspian Sea by car, and motorcycle, on ships, trains, airplanes, helicopters and snow mobiles. One of the outstanding surf movies of the year!

USA, 2017, Regie : Mike Bromley, Ryan Meichtry



Featuring : Noah Wegrich, Kevin Schulz, Noah Cohen, Wilem Banks, Sam Hammer, Dane Anderson, Noah Lane, Will Skudin, Logan Landry, Heidar Eliasson


Inspired by the storytelling style of classic ocean-fairing novels. Perilous Sea follows a group of surfers as they explore the landscapes and waves of the North Atlantic fringes, from the Canadian Maritimes, north to Iceland and beyond to the wave rich coast of Ireland.


Perilous Sea is a transcontinental cold water surfing odyssey capturing the raw spirit, glorious landscapes and pure perfection that arises when conditions align creating moments of cold water nirvana that rival any across the globe.

USA, 2017. Regie: Takuji Masuda. 86 Min



Bunker77 is the wild true story of one of surfing’s most mysterious characters: Bunker Spreckels. He was Clark Gable's stepson and heir to millions of dollars, but became a controversial surf star and expressed complete originality, like a cross between James Dean and Andy Warhol.


He danced on the sea like no one else - even as his surreal persona exploded to consume him. Bunker was pushing the limits of Hawaii’s most dangerous waves, raced across remote Africa in a Mercedes waving cash and a handgun on a pioneering expedition to J-Bay, and churned his way through a Los Angeles filled with celebrities, decadence, and experimentation. He died in 1977, at 27 years of age.


This documentary from Senegal follows Oumar Seye, the first black African professional surfer, and his protegés Cherif, Paké, Assane and Mbabou, from the wave rich region of Ngor, close to Dakar. The young upcoming surfers seek to make a living of their sport.


When the ISA World Surfing Games take place in Biarritz, France, in 2017, the whole crew travels to Europe to represent Senegal and to showcase the world their skills. But the other nations are well trained and better equipped - will the African team get a shot at the finals? 

SEN, 2018. François Georges. 52 Min



CH, 2018. Regie: Alena Ehrenbold.




A surf exploration documentary project to one of the most remote places in the world, the desert of Morocco and Western Sahara. Directors Chechu Pajares and Nicolas Pina organized an amazing surfari on FMX motor bikes with the basque Pro-Surfers Vicente Romero, Valcof Josu Alcántara and Pablo Bordas.


After gathering all the team in Marakech, they headed towards the nonexistent border that separates Morocco and Western Sahara. This is where the adventure really began. Going totally blind and with fixed dates, they knew they had a brutal risk of not finding waves. Luckily, the stars lined up and they found the sessions that they had dreamed about...




I, 2018. Regie: Luca Merli. 25 Min

The Onde Nostre Crew traveled the Mediterranean Sea on two sail boats following Ulisse’s journey. A journey in search of adventures, unexplored shores, empty waves in the mediterranean most secluded places living with almost zero carbon footprint.

This is a surf-film about our small Ocean, the cradle of civilization and a reflection on living a simple lifestyle in symbiosis with nature. 

Surfers: Alessandro Ponzanelli, Andy Nieblas, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo and many more.

CH, 2018. Regie: Alena Ehrenbold




In a world in which consumer society is setting an ever-accelerating pace, a young French shaper faces the challenge of staying true to his own rhythm in life. TAN (Creole “time”, Breton “fire”) tells the story of Robin Goffinet, a passionate surfer/shaper based in Finisterre (Brittany) and dedicated to the creation of sustainable surfboards. 

But what happens when the temptation of consumerism reaches the end of the world and a once peaceful lifestyle suddenly starts turning into a stressful and fiery one? In addition to breathtaking landscapes and stylish surfing, TAN invites the audience to the inspiring universe of innovative surfboard crafting. This film addresses the question of impermanence and encourages reconsidering one’s proper rhythm in life.



As a self-produced musical project whose roots lie in the surfrock and garage, the band ACUARIO COSMICO was formed seven years ago by the singer, guitarist and composer Gonzalo Marinucci.


The Band presents its latest work with "Delfos", which is now dedicated to the surfrock and is based on bands like the Atlantics, and the Astronauts.



For two years DUX LOUIE from Heidelberg have been surfing on this electric wave of slap and wah, celebrating the memories of a jingle jangle evening. Living at the Neckar shore - where many before them have given in to wine, women and song - their songs convey the drive usually associated with a night out. Not surprisingly, their second EP “Tonight In Neon Moon City” promises another venture into the drumrolls just before midnight. 



Street Musician Eugene has gone for gigs almost everywhere in the world. Influenced by Blunt, Johnson and Howard his last stops were Australia, Thailand, India, and: Israel! That's where we met him right on Gordons Beach in Tel Aviv. We asked him if he likes to follow us to Berlin in order to accompany the Festival! Voilà: Here comes Eugene Kurolap from… everywhere.  



Please welcome Joscha aka. DJ75 in our bar at Gitschiner 20. More information coming soon!




10969 BERLIN 




Sons of Mana serves the freshest poke bowls in Bikini Berlinʼs open terrace food market. Food entrepreneurs founded this ground-breaking restaurant, which epitomises social responsibility on the Berlin gastronomy scene. Sons of Mana is based on the friendship goals, shared travelling experience, passion for delicious food and sports, aspiration to change eating habits and appreciation.

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